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Take in the panoramic view of red brick buildings trimmed in white with mountains towering in the background. Listen to the bells chime. Attend a Super Bowl party at your residence hall. Feel the warm welcome from the Williamsburg community. Taste the red mole sauce of that special Mexican restaurant. It won’t take long before it all feels like home.


Majors, Minors, and Pre-Professional Programs


Faculty have earned the highest degree in their field


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Financial Aid

million dollars in scholarships, grants, loans and work-study awarded in 2014

dollars awarded on average per student in 2014


of students receive financial aid

Mission & Goals

UC continues to offer promising students of all backgrounds a broad based liberal arts program enriched with Christian values. The University strives for excellence in all of its endeavors and expects from students a similar dedication to this pursuit. Its commitment to a strong academic program is joined with a commitment to a strong work ethic. UC encourages students to think critically and creatively so that they may better prepare themselves for lives of responsible service and leadership.

UC History

Cumberland is one of those almost extinct colleges: a small college intimate and concerned in a setting of almost incomparable beauty. Meticulous would be the key word to describe the physical facilities, largely because of a grand maintenance staff supported by student labor. The college has remained true to its founding purpose: "To provide a first class education at rates that are compatible with the means of mountain people."

University Leadership

Cumberlands is led by Dr. Larry L. Cockrum, President & CEO. The University is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is responsible for establishing policies for the governance of the University. Eleven vice presidents oversee Academic Affairs, Athletics, Business Services, Compliance, Enrollment and Communications, Finance, Information Services, Institutional Advancement, Operations, Student Financial Planning, and Student Services.