Bachelor's Degree in Human Services

Cumberlands’ human services degree program applies a “generalist” approach, which means we believe that social workers should share common knowledge, values and skills that are generally transferable from one setting, population, geographical area or problem situation to another. We work to ensure that as a human services major, you will be prepared to integrate your knowledge, values and skills to promote and enhance the social functioning of individuals, families and communities.

As you pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, you will study with faculty members who are experienced professionals in the field. After you complete your bachelor’s degree in human services studies, you’ll be able to consider a variety of possibilities for employment or advanced study.

What Can I Do With This Human Services Degree?

A human services degree from University of the Cumberlands will prepare students for a wide range of careers, such as a social service worker, family support worker, probation officer, mental health case worker, intake interviewer, home health case manager, drug abuse counselor, adult day care case manager and life skills instructor. These are just a few of the careers in the field for human services degree holders. Each career centers on helping people in a structured, meaningful way.