Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts

If you are interested in a career in theatre, a Cumberlands theatre arts major can provide you with a strong general foundation, including a fundamental understanding and appreciation of theatre performance, history, literature, design and technology.

Two annual theatre productions, performed in the state-of-the-art Kohn Theatre, offer students who major in theatre hands-on educational opportunities within a variety of performance and dramatic styles. Students earning their theatre major are involved in every aspect of production, limited only by individual time and commitment.

Unlike many theatre programs, which are singular in focus, this academic program emphasizes both performance and technical aspects of theatre with courses in acting, stagecraft, scene/lighting design, makeup, and advanced acting. You can earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts or a minor in Theatre Arts. As a UC theatre arts major, you will have the skills and experience to pursue graduate studies or a career in secondary education, technical theater or performance.

While the theatre program continues to grow in size and quality, it remains small enough for the well-trained and experienced faculty to care about the growth and training of each individual student.

What Can I Do With This Theatre Degree?

Our classes are structured to provide theatre arts majors with a strong foundation in key areas of theatre production, including performance, design, directing and technical work. We offer classes in stage management and arts administration for students preparing for future careers in the expanding area of arts management. Whether you see yourself as an actor, a technician, or you haven’t decided yet, you will experience all areas of theatre here at UC. We offer a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree to prepare you for graduate school or entry-level jobs in the area of your choice.