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The Scholarship Calculator below is a tool that offers a quick and easy way to estimate your academic scholarship eligibility.  For freshmen, these academic scholarships are based on a combination of a student's cumulative GPA and scores on the SAT or ACT.  Simply provide your cumulative GPA and test score.  No additional application is required.

Here's a bonus for you - at UC we superscore, which means we combine subscores from tests taken on different dates. That means we will take your best subscores from the ACT.  Your superscored composite will be automatically calculated for you.  With regards to the SAT, we will superscore scores from the same version of the test. Old SAT (prior to March 2016) scores will be superscored with old scores and New SAT scores with new scores.

TIP: You can continue submitting new test scores up until the first day of class to increase your award.

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** College transfers should enter cumulative college GPA of most recent full-time institution to receive a correct scholarship calculation.

Kentucky Governor's Scholars:  Contact the Office of Admissions regarding your scholarship amount.

Rogers Scholars:- Contact the Office of Admissions regarding your scholarship amount.

International Students: Contact the admissions office for information regarding scholarship eligibility.

NOTE: Scholarship amounts are based on current academic year and are subject to change on an annual basis, generally in early-Fall.  ACT award amounts are based on a superscore.  SAT superscore award amounts are based on combination of reading and math scores only (not writing). Persons enrolled in a 3-2 professional program are eligible for this scholarship for 3 years. Students enrolled in an online and/or graduate program are not eligible for Merit Scholarships.

The merit amounts reflected in this calculator are intended for any new undergraduate student who plans to enroll in the Fall (Aug) semester. Any undergraduate student planning to enroll in Spring (Jan), please contact the Admissions Office for a scholarship quote.