Appalachian Ministries

Appalachian Ministries began in the 70s when a group of UC students went out into the communities surrounding the university and saw the great needs all around them. Motivated to share the love, hope, and message of Jesus, AM was formed out of the scriptural basis of 1 John 3:18.

Under the leadership of AM Director Jasmine Newport, student leaders head up teams of UC students and go out to the four  AM location sites on a weekly basis. Students work with the children and youth leading them in recreation, crafts, music, and Bible lessons, providing them with food, and aiming to connect them and their families to the local church.

Students who are drawn to this project through their love of children will be astonished with the unexpected emotional and spiritual rewards of their service. As an additional, practical benefit, those who participate in Appalachian Ministries may apply their time as community service hours toward a Leadership/Service Transcript.


How To Get Involved?


Meet at the Edna Taylor House on Monday or Tuesday at 4:30 for the community outreaches. 

Monday - Canadatown: Youth & Kids; Mackey Avenue Complex: Kids

Tuesday - Brush Arbor Apartment Complex: Youth & Kids; Mt. Morgan: Kids


For more information, contact:

Jasmine Newport, Director

Appalachian Ministries

Phone: 606.539.4173